Rothenberg 2011, Klasse 6a

Our trip to Rothenberg castle 28th June- 30th June:

On Tuesday morning we met at school on 7:30am. Then we walked to the train station. We went by train to Mannheim. After that we went to Waldorf /Wiesloch by train. Then we walked to Rothenberg to our castle. It was a very long way and it was very hot- nearly 35 degrees. When we finally arrived there we went to our rooms and packed out our luggage. Later we had lunch. After that we had freetime. In the evening we made a campfire outside. After that we ate somesausages and some noodlesalat.Then we ate stickbread and marshmallow.Then everybody went to the shower. Lena played the guitar and we played "the fox goes around".On nine o clock we had freetime up to eleven o' clock. Then the boys Alihan, Neco, Torben, Ömer came in ourroom. Torben drank too much cola and laughed about the wardrobe. At nightAllina had a stomachache ache, she went of to Miss. Stanka and said: "The girls are to loud." We only slept 2 hours.
On Wednesday morning we went down to the dining table and had breakfast. The "kitchen service" had to bring food on the table. After everyone had finished we got sausage and cheese. We were supposed to prepare sandwiches for the day. Then we stood up and made us ready to walk to the bus stop. With the bus we went to the "Sinnes Park" in Wiesloch. In the park there was, for example, a disc that rotated. And a huge swing. Then we walked barefoot on a path. Last was a very nice children's zoo.

Rothenberg6a2011_1 Rothenberg6a_2
Next we went to the bus station and drove to Wiesloch. When we were there we built groups and walked around. At two o´clock we had to meet at the meeting point because some pupils had prepared a sightseeing tour. After that we were allowed to look around again. Half an hour later we drove to Rothenberg by bus. When we were there we had to walk to the youth hostel. We had to walk with Mr.Stickel the long - short way. At 7.30 pm we made a talentshow. That was a lot of fun. The first group (Noel Menningen,Tim Hoffman and Marvin Fischer) sang the Intro of the comedy show „Two and a half man". The second group (Vasilli Zervas,Marvin Fischer and Hisham Kahn) sang "Monsta". The third group (Jennifer Maurer and Lena Zeller) sang "Hollywood Hills". And last but not least, Neco Ulutas made Comedy. In the end Group 2 won.


Then we made a aftershow party. We danced a lot. At ten o`clock we made a quizshow and after that we went to bed.
On Thursday morning at 8.00o clock we ate and Ömer Michael and Hannes had "kitchen service". We had to get up at 6 o clock and at 7.45 the "kitchen service" had to put the plates on the table. The food was delicious. At 9.30 o clock we went to the bus station and at 10 o'clock we were in Wiesloch. Then we had time until 11o' clock. We went to the next bus station, then we got out of Wiesloch and we had to walk to the train station. At 12 o clock we went by train to Mannheim and from Mannheim to Schwetzingen. From Schwetzingen everyone got his or her bags from Mrs Zeller. Then everyone went home.
It was a great trip (
Class 6a)!